WhatsApp Group Video Calling Functionality Rolls Out Globally

WhatsApp Group Video Calling Global Roll Out 

After a long period of leaks that made buzz on the internet, WhatsApp – in the month of May — had officially revealed at the Facebook’s F8 developer conference that the rumors were actually true.

Although a server-side update had made it possible for some of the users to access the group functionality earlier, it is only now when WhatsApp has come out with a formal roll-out available to users globally.


In a blog post, WhatsApp formally announced the availability of voice as well as video group calling.

Notably, the group calling features is limited to four people at any given time. According to WhatsApp, the group video calling is end-to-end encrypted, just like its chat feature has been lately.

WhatsApp also mentions that it has opted for a more optimized design, making the new feature work efficiently even in the not-so-good areas in terms of network quality. This will certainly come in handy in the parts of world where the internet infrastructure is still lacking high speeds and better implementation of network.

Further, the company boasts that its users utilize over “2 billion minutes on calls per day.” Here, an interesting fact to note is that Apple’s upcoming iOS 12 will also be supporting Group Facetime calls, that too for up to 32 users at once.

WhatsApp group video calling supports split-screen video, whereas FaceTime Groups calls will have a unique feature. The latter highlights the tile of the individual speaking during the conversation.

It will be interesting to see how well does one perform over the other as the time passes.

Prateek Sharma

Prateek Sharma

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