Samsung’s Gigantic 8K QLED Is Its First Ever – And It Has No Chill

Samsung Q900FN 8K QLED

Just about two days ago, Samsung took a whole leap forward when it pitched a revolutionary and ridiculously artistic TV during a press conference at IFA 2018.

The thing is, it’s not any ordinary TV that can be skipped going unnoticed. Samsung now has an 8K TV that will actually reach the masses in the US starting October.

Modeled Q900FN, the new Samsung QLED TV will come in 85” size along with a major enhancement of with a resolution of up to 8K, compared to the traditional QLED line that the company already offers.

Samsung QLED 8K

8K AI Upscaling is the component that drives the lower resolution content to 8K quality by enhancing it.

According to Jongsuk Chu, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business division at Samsung Electronics, the new Q900FN will serve as an integral component to the displays’ future. He also mentions that the Samsung Electronics is confident that with its 8K TV lineup, the user experience will be all about brilliance.

What Does The New 8K QLED TV Actually Offer?

The Samsung Q900FN flaunts a proprietary Real 8K Resolution. The new 8K QLED TV also offers a very high 4,000 nit maximum brightness.

Interestingly, the newer tech makes it possible for the TV to generate four times the pixels a 4K UHD TV generates. Similarly, the spike in resolution is 16 times when compared to a full HD TV.

Apart from a very high resolution that the new piece of tech offers, it comes with HDR10+ technology. The HDR10+ makes it possible for the TV to have outstanding brightness levels with the intended purpose of optimized visual and viewing experience. Moreover, the Samsung Q900F already comes HDR10+ certified officially.

In order to make all the 8K bells and whistles work effortlessly, the company uses the 8K Quantum Processor. The processor gets the job done by upscaling the content after recognizing it.

Another new goodie that the Q900FN TV possesses is One Remote. Using the One Remote, the TV recognizes and studies the different devices connected through an optical cable, hence automatically switching audio output and image source of the TV for the highest quality viewing experience.

Apart from that, One Visible Connection puts together the power and optical cable into a single cord. This allows for a better placement and extended reach for the TV set.

Does It Excite You?

The new Samsung Q900FN is certainly an exciting device. Although the content with originally 8K resolution is extremely rare, it will be interesting to see how well this new TV performs for the content it is fed with.

8K Resolution might be an overkill for many, but it certainly gives the future glimpse and the innovation that a giant like the Samsung Electronics holds.

The availability on the global level, as well as the pricing of the new QLED 8K beast, is yet to be revealed.



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